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Delivery terms

If you have purchased a ready-made website package, the process of installing and setup will take from 1-2 days. Once the installation process is complete, the login information and user manual will be sent you via email you provided while registering on our website. If the service purchased is a custom website development or software, the delivery date will be made within the agreed time period. The team performs and configures the site, and the source code or any physical product can not be delivered to the customer.

Return policy

Within 14 days after purchase, in case of claims about ready-made packages provided by, a partial refund is possible based on the results of the examination. The reason for the partial refund is that the domain name and licensed site template cannot be sold to another customer.

In accordance with the legislation of the EU (including the Republic of Turkey), the right to refund does not apply to the digital content that is not provided on a tangible medium if its use began after the prior explicit consent of the client and confirmation that from the moment of use his right for return is terminated.

Domain fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

Based on the results of the examination, fees for hosting, SSL certificate and installation service may be refunded.

If the service purchased is a custom website development or software, is obliged to fix the occurred errors, but such a service is non-refundable.

To return a package, you must provide the return number and information specified during registration on the website (name / company name). Otherwise, refunds will not be possible.

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